Photography is so much more than taking photos. 
It’s about collecting, savouring & cherishing precious moments.

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Capture your memories

Photos will always hold a magical quality to me; the way they do strange things to your heart, taking an instant out of time so you can hold it still and really see it. They are time machines, memory catchers and are by far the best way I know to hold on to fleeting, precious moments that we will never get back, but that we want to remember.

Every family has a unique story that deserves to be captured and told through photographs, and I would love to tell yours.

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We loved the whole experience of having our family photos taken by Jo - beautiful pictures that we’ll treasure forever. The shoot was natural, fun and relaxed all at the same time. Jo was a total professional. One of my daughters liked Jo so much, she asked if Jo could be in the photos too.

Thanks for everything Jo. Dealing with you was a delight!
— Belinda


Meet your photographer

I’m Johanna. I’ve loved photos for as long as I can remember, but it was only when I moved overseas and was inspired to capture every detail of my new life that photography really took hold of my heart.

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Knowing I am bottling up precious moments for people is probably the thing I love most about what I do. A close second is all the incredible people I get to meet.