Welcoming Camilla

Dear Miss Camilla,

As you lay peacefully sleeping there it has occurred to me that you have just met that beautiful woman who now holds you so tenderly. But you see, that precious Mum of yours has been my friend for almost as long as I can remember. So I thought I could share some things with you. Things I have learnt about her along the way. Your Mum is amazing - she is determined, kind and smart. Possibly one of the things I love most about her (and maybe the quality I am secretly hoping you inherited) is her sense of humour. We have laughed lots together, your Mum and I, all through school and many days after that too. There are some stories I can tell you when you’re old enough.
Your Mum has been there for me through some pretty dark days, she’s a good friend like that. As I have seen her transform into a Mother she has become even more beautiful and strong in my eyes. I know she will love you and your brother fiercely for all the days to come. You did good choosing this one to be your keeper. My wish for you little Camilla, is for a friendship like the one I have with your Mum. A friend you can turn to when the world gets hard, a friend to laugh with, and get in trouble with.
And just advance warning, you’re pretty cute, so I will probably be shoving my camera in your face for most of your life. I hope you don’t find that too annoying. Welcome to the sisterhood baby girl, it’s an amazing ride.

Your loving Aunty Jo xx