Home Sweet Rome

I thought in my first post I should let you know a bit about myself and what brought me to photography. I grew up in the South West of Australia, but 5 years ago packed my bags to go and live in the city I now consider my second home, Rome.

It was here that I found photography. I have always loved & treasured photos, but it was in Italy where I was constantly surrounded by scenes and places I wanted to capture and intensely savour, that I really started to take photos.

I would spend hours wandering the streets with my camera. I went to photo exhibitions that changed my life and the way I see the world. I took every opportunity I could to take photos and learn as much as possible.

Fast forward 5 years later, with a head full of new words, a passion for taking photos and an Italian love by my side, I have decided to make Australia my home once again. Since being home, my creative addiction has become my business. I have been so lucky to have connected with just the right people since I’ve embarked on this journey; people who identify with my creative style, and in asking me to take photos of themselves and their families are allowing me continue to do the thing I love most – taking photographs. For this, I am hugely grateful.

In the future I’ll write a bit more about my experience in Italia, but for now I thought I’d leave you with some photos of where it all began for me, my beloved Roma. A presto!