Katie, Evie & Zev

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things.”― Kurt Vonnegut

The warm sunshine spilling through the window, mum hugs, pillow fights – there’s so much beauty in the everyday and it is these moments I truly believe we will look back on as being the most precious.

This is Katie, Evie & Zev – I loved spending a morning with these 3 beautiful souls.

Thank you universe for sending me just the right people to work with – people who I can connect with creatively and who give me the freedom and trust to capture them as I see them.
I was so thrilled to get some family photos of this little family – Katie said those sweet words ‘I trust you, just do your thing.’ Thank you Katie, for sharing your little family with me for an afternoon, and for trusting me to capture you and your family just as you are. No posed photos around here people, just a lot of natural love and chaos, just how I like it. 
Here are a selection of photos from my session with these lovable humans