Laura & Dave - Maternity Session

                 "Find the one who makes your heart smile." Unknown

I still remember the day Laura contacted me to ask me to capture her baby bump. I remember this day so well because it was a real affirmation that the universe sends me just the right people to work with; people who have a similar creative vision to me.

So our conversation went a little something like this

Laura: So I’m thinking I would love some maternity photos on a white horse.. What do you think about that?

Me: What!? Are you serious..? YES!!!!  

That whole day I felt light, bubbly and blessed that Laura asked me to be part of such an amazing experience.

Our actual session was a dream. I enjoyed every minute of capturing this bohemian babe seated gracefully upon a white horse. Who wouldn’t!? For me it was a photographer’s dream.

I also got to meet Laura’s devoted husband, Dave. He kept insisting that only Laura should be in the photos. I got the impression that he felt his wife’s bountiful beauty would be more than enough to fill every frame. But I gently persuaded him to be in some shots. And if I’m honest, the photos of these two love birds just being together, the simple shots where their love & affection for each other can so easily be seen, are my favourites.

I felt so blessed to capture these images for Laura & Dave and can’t wait to have their beautiful babe before my lens very soon.  

Below you'll find a selection of images from their session.

You can also view a slideshow of their images by clicking here.

Enjoy x